"Organized for Good Fellowship and the support of

Shriners Hospitals for Children"

President’s Message

I am honored to be elected as President of the Cabiri International for the ensuing Shrine year.  
It is with heavy heart that we lost our Cabiri International Secretary and Treasurer as the 
International Shrine session was about to begin. Our sympathies and prayers are with June Schoner and Judy Stoner as they grieve for their loved ones.  I want to commend Past Presidents Keel Broom and Wayne Vian for stepping in to fill those positions.  I am happy to announce that Past President Keel Broom was elected Cabiri International Secretary and Past President Wayne Vian was elected as Cabiri International Treasurer.  I can assure you that we are in good hands.  Although the transition will take some time.  On another note, we are happy to announce the new Captain of the Guard, Craig Stimpert of Za-Ga-Zig Shriners.  I want to personally thank Imperial Sir William Bailey for being the Installing Officer.

Daytona Beach again put out the red carpet for the Imperial Session. The Cabiri Headquarters suite was well attended by members and we signed up several dozen new members.  Your Officers and Ladies were working hard to make the Hospitality Room a success. At the breakfast and annual meeting we had over 300 in attendance.  Past President Glen Cook served as our Chaplain and Imperial Sir Ralph performed the Necrology.  We again donated $10,000 to our Children’s Hospitals from your Cabiri International.  This years Imperial Potentate’s evening entertainment was The Oak Ridge Boys, and the performance was great.

As we go forward, membership as always and our hospitals are the number one goal of our fraternity. The Imperial Divan has given us many tools to help us in these activities.  But. I feel that we need to also concentrate on Membership Retention.  Although there is noting we can do about the Black Camel, we need to focus on trying to find out why Nobles are leaving our Shrine Centers, and how to keep them interested in our fraternity.  Perhaps different functions, meetings and activities are in order, concentrating on the family.  As we all know, our year as Potentate was 
the best ever, perhaps we should help the current Potentate and Divan have the second best year ever.

Next year we will be traveling to Nashville for the Imperial Council convention. Your Cabiri 
International will be there working as hard as possible to assist you any way we can.  Be sure to 
ask your Potentate to join us.  Bring him to the Headquarters/Hospitality room.  Nashville is a 
great city for entertainment and fun, so make sure that you attend.  Hope to see there.

Your in the Faith

Douglas (Doug) Hepp
President 2018-2019