"Organized for Good Fellowship and the support of

Shriners Hospitals for Children"


​​​​​​​President’s Message

It appears the current vaccination process is trending towards a return of Cabiri International promoting good fellowship and stimulating an active interest in all Shrine activities. Although there are still concerns of covid “hot spots” in several states, Texas has loosened restrictions on social gatherings; consequently, Shriners International is proceeding with scheduling the Imperial Convention opening on Sunday, July 4, 2021 in Houston, Texas. Final guidelines involving social distancing, face mask requirements and limitations on gatherings are yet to be determined by the Joint Boards, pending local government rulings. Cabiri international cannot officially commit to our usual registration table location, Hospitality room and Cabiri Breakfast/Business meeting at the Headquarter Hotel until the final guidelines are established. We are optimistic!

Having to communicate the past year via social media, “zoom” type meetings, telephones and “snail mail”, we have all, probably, navigated these “routes” more than we could have imagined. Being in Florida since October, my wife, Candy and I had the opportunity to get together for lunch in mid February with several Moslem Shriners and their Ladies who were vacationing from Michigan. We had an outside table that accommodated some Nobles,Divan members, Past Potentates and the current Potentate. It was the first gathering, with Ladies, that I have been a part of since the Covid crisis last March. What a pleasant gathering with sharing recent experiences, reminiscing old memories, remembering those who are no longer with us and making new memories! Yes, there was much laughter! I am so looking forward to renewing acquaintances and welcoming new Past Potentates to the ancient and abstruse mysteries of the Cabiri.

As in previous Imperial sessions, we anticipate having a table near the Iowa and Colorado Representative registration rooms Saturday and Sunday, a Hospitality room at HQ Hotel (open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday beginning at 1:00 p.m.) and our Wednesday morning (7:00 a.m. SHARP) Breakfast/Business Meeting. You can check our Website, www.CabiriInternational.org for confirmed times and locations. Along with everything else during the pandemic, the cost for the breakfast will probably be more than previous years. If you need Cabiri Jewelry or would like to join Cabiri International, you can contact our Cabiri secretary, Illustrious Sir, Keel Broom: secretary@cabiriinternational.org .

This past year has created many “firsts” that have affected ALL of us, not only throughout our immediate environment, but also throughout the WORLD! The hope I have is that faith in vaccines and solutions to controlling the pandemic be endorsed with joy and to be patient while comforting those who are suffering or grieving the loss of a family member or close friend. Through it all … we need to continue believing in our Masonic teachings! Through it all … we need to continue believing in the fraternity of Shriners International! Through it all … we need to continue believing in the support of our philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children!

Yours in the Faith,

Robert (Bob) Lee, 
C.I.P.P.A. President, 2019-2021