​​​​​​President’s Message

Welcome to the web site of Cabiri International Past Potentate Association. I feel fortunate and privileged to be elected President of this august group! Thank you all for attending the 7:00 a.m. breakfast at our annual meeting and electing the 2019-2020 Cabiri International officers, including our new Captain of the Guard, Raoul L. Frevel Sr., P.I.P. & P.P. Boumi Shriners, Baltimore, MD. I also want to thank Imperial Sir Ralph Semb for not only giving the Necrology but also for installing officers. The best thing about Ralph is the fact he does not need a microphone; everyone can hear him!

If this is your first visit to our web site, I hope you have the time to check out the menu tabs and learn about the Cabiri. Like everything else in our current times, the means to communicate has changed from “snail mail”; the Cabiri International is going the paperless route and joining electronic social media. As I mentioned at the end of our meeting in Nashville, by using the internet we will be making a significant reduction in our communication costs.

If you have visited our site in previous years, I hope you appreciate the upgrades and simplifications that have been installed under the direction of our Secretary, Keel Broom. Gunny Keel has a way of getting information flowing to keep our site up to date and current! Many thanks!

As the years move on, we Past Potentates become more convinced that our year was the best year ever at our Temple! Nobody in the Cabiri is going to argue with you because they feel the same way! – remember, the Cabiri was organized for fun, sociability and good times. As members of Cabiri International, you are our recruiters for membership; I hope you will reach out to the soon-to-be Past Potentates as well as those older Past Potentates, who may be waiting for an invite, to experience good fellowship.

The Imperial session in Nashville provided many opportunities to catch up with Cabiri members you haven’t seen since the last Imperial session … isn’t it amazing how a “Scooter Commander” can explain why and how he fell off a ladder? With the registration desk on Saturday and Sunday followed by the Hospitality Room on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, all of the world’s problems were addressed and the stories continued to be better than before! I want to express special thanks to all those who contributed to making the Breakfast and Hospitality room great successes …. Especially the Ladies who worked tirelessly in the Hospitality room!

The Imperial Session in Kansas City should be another great time! I hope to see you there and look forward to sharing some stories … please stop me if I say “and ..  ah”! A final thought: as we Past Potentates get older, we do not have to work as hard to create a Life-Long-Memory … pay somebody to clean out your gutters!

Your in the Faith,

Robert "Bob" M. Lee
President 2019-2020


"Organized for Good Fellowship and the support of

Shriners Hospitals for Children"